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Sample Letter / Email – North Carolina:

SUBJECT: Need real answers and a public hearing on Duke’s Foothills Transmission project: NC Docket E-2 sub 1

I am writing in opposition of Duke Energy’s Foothills Transmission line & Substation. This project seems to be designed with one thing in mind: Duke’s bottom line, ignoring the impact and costs to our local communities. Thousands of people in the Upstate of S.C. and Western North Carolina will carry the costs of this project for years to come: diminished views and property values, loss of homes and property rights and a degraded environment.

The timeline for this project needs to be immediately slowed down and Duke must give a full account of the cost and benefits of this project and evaluate alternatives that will have less impact over the life of the project. Duke has not backed up their claims of rapidly growing electricity demand and has given no comparison of alternatives showing that this is the best plan for the public. Alternate plans must include investments in economically viable ways to reduce our demand via energy efficiency and demand side management and supplement generation with renewable energy. These are cost competitive, and in some instances, cheaper ways to meet our energy needs without doubling down on fossil fuels and marring the landscape.

In addition, the N.C. Utilities Commission should immediately schedule a public hearing in Western North Carolina so community members can make comment directly to the commission. South Carolina commissioners held a hearing in August and North Carolinians deserve to have our voices heard too.


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Sample Letter / Email – South Carolina :

SUBJECT: Foothills transmission project benefits don’t outweigh costs: SC Docket 2015-305-E

Duke Energy’s grid modernization plans for upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina are anything but modern. Instead, Duke appears to be doing business as usual: Building excess fossil fuel-powered generating capacity and infrastructure, which they’re incentivized to do by being guaranteed a return on capitol investments. I, and many others, outright oppose this plan and call on Duke Energy to go back to the drawing board and take a long-range look at what will really be the best, least-impact plan for providing reliable service to this area for years to come. Duke claims they are a community partner, but denies communities answers to the questions we’re all asking and options for alternatives, other than who’s back yard will be destroyed.

Duke Energy needs to immediately release detailed information on how they’re forecasting that the region’s electricity demand will grow by 15% and explain why we need much more than that made available, as this project will do. We need to know why it’s impossible to accommodate more transmission with existing lines and easements and why there’s been no consideration of lowering demand by expanding existing, successful, Duke Energy programs.


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