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LIMITED SUPPLY of Printed Flyers and Signs available at MountainTrue Hendersonville Office

Duke-Energy-Flyer-Handout-CLC-1Print these and put them:

  • In mailboxes in your neighborhood!
  • On the bulletin board at the coffee shop or library!
  • Pass around at church, book club or group meeting!
  • Give one to your neighbor!


Download and Print these PDFs to hand out:

1 Page Overview on the Project

1 Page Bulletin / Poster

1 Page Timeline (coming soon!)


Full Color Yard Sign

3-Color Yard Sign

Bumper Sticker / Banner

Facebook Cover Photo 851 x 315

Facebook Cover Photo 851 x 315


Tell your friends! Write a Letter to the Editor!

We need your help informing everyone of this project, and how they are affected.


  • Even if a “Preferred Route” is chosen in October, alternate routes may still be kept in consideration.
  • Duke Energy Progress ratepayers will see rate increases in order to pay for the new power plant, transmission lines and substations – the demand that necessitates these lines comes from DEP customers. HOWEVER, Duke Energy Carolinas customers in the Foothills will SUFFER THE BURDEN of the visual blight and invasion of these lines.
    (DEP serves Asheville and Charlotte – DEC serves the Henderson, Polk, Greenville and Spartanburg )
  • Real Estate and Development in many areas has been put on hold because of the potential view of these lines.  Many landowners were not notified that these lines may compromise their view.

ALSO NOTE: We are not against Duke Energy. We are:

  • Making sure the public interest is the priority!
  • Insuring that a regulated utility – with a monopoly in this region – is given the proper oversight for a matter that affects all residents, visitors, local business and land owners of the foothills.

Download the Flyers on this page and hand them out around town – share the word to PROTECT OUR LAND!