United front is getting attention

From BlueRidgeNow.com

Meanwhile, community opposition groups that sprung up countywide have banded together with regional environmental group MountainTrue to form the Carolina Land Coalition. Their goal: “oppose all transmission line routes under consideration, the scale of the new natural gas plant and the associated substation.”

One of the coalition’s goals is to maintain a unified voice once the preferred route is chosen. That will be a challenge as residents of other areas will tend be less alarmed once they find the line is not planned in their backyards, despite overall concerns.

We support Duke’s plans to close the coal-fired power plant that has been polluting the region’s air and water for decades. The key to stopping the line, if there is one, lies in an independent review of the numbers Duke will use to justify it as part of the overall projects. Residents are on the right track to demand such a review with a united voice.