U.S. Congressman Mark Meadows answers questions on Duke Power issue

At a town hall meeting on August 28 at Blue Ridge Community College, US Congressman Mark Meadows – who represents the 11th Congressional District in the US House – took questions on Duke Power’s plans for the western Carolinas.  Meadows encouraged residents to go to next week’s meeting with the NC Utilities Commission, and said residents should be armed with evidence their property values would go down. Quoted in the Hendersonville Lightning, Meadows said:

“What they will listen to is less emotion and more facts, in terms of property values, not only as it’s currently used but the highest and best use.”

Meadows also said that Duke Power has generally been a “good corporate citizen,” which after their recent issues with coal ash spilling into public waterways, seems to be a bit of a stretch.  It’s hard for the people of North Carolina to have any faith in Duke Power doing what is best for residents and local communities when they have a long history of doing whatever they can get away with – consequences be damned – in their pursuit of profit.

Meadows did say that he has called Duke Power representatives, and will continue to do so.  He also hopes that existing transmission lanes can be used for any new lines, but overall, he said that this is a state issue – he’s unlikely to be able to have much of an impact or, it seems, to make it a major priority.

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