To the editor: Living in the past

Hendersonville Times-News, October 16, 2015

To the editor: A big thanks to Duke Energy for its decision to re-evaluate the proposed Western Carolinas Modernization Project. Though the 45-mile transmission line has been at the forefront of concern, for many it has also been the idea that moving to a gas-powered plant is somehow “modernizing.”

When we look around our world at the innovative approaches being used by other countries to supply energy to its people, it seems that we’re still living in the past. It is heartening to hear that Duke Energy is planning to step back and investigate more truly modern options. Imagine every large parking lot — schools, government buildings, malls, etc. — with shaded parking spaces topped by solar panels. Will that supply all our energy needs? Probably not, but if Duke Energy truly follows modernization approaches, it will continue to be a strong player in the energy market.

Let us all come together for a celebration rally at the Historic Henderson County Historic Courthouse from 2-5 p.m., sponsored by the Carolina Land Coalition. We can celebrate being good stewards of our fragile Earth, our island home!

Lee and Bill Burdett, Tuxedo