South Carolina Attorney General says no to petroleum company’s request for eminent domain

Major petroleum player and massive energy company Kinder Morgan had to deal with a stinging blow this week, as the South Carolina Attorney General decided the company was not a “pipeline company.”  Because of this important distinction, Kinder Morgan will be unable to use eminent domain to seize property in its attempts to build the Palmetto Pipeline.

The Palmetto Pipeline would be part of a larger petroleum transpot system currently proposed by the Houston-based energy company.  Kinder Morgan is currently seeking to build a whole network of pipelines that would extend from Baton Rouge, Louisiana through Mississippi and South Carolina before ending in Jacksonville, Florida.  This legal defeat for Kinder Morgan could play into the current fight in Virginia and North Carolina against the Atlantic Coastal Pipeline.

Today, South Carolina has done a great thing by taking a stand against large energy companies, and standing up for private citizens and their land.  To read more about this issue, and to learn more about the SC Attorney General’s decision, please click here to be taken to the full article on the GSA Business website.