Meeting Tuesday: Saluda Community

Join the Saluda Community meeting this Tuesday at Saluda Fire Department:

Tuesday, August 25

Drop-In Meeting from 6 to 8:30 pm

Saluda Fire & Rescue
199 Walnut Street (and Greenville St.)
Saluda, NC 28773

(828) 749-9816


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A group of citizens in Saluda, NC directly impacted by the proposed Duke Energy transmission lines has organized a community meeting to educate Saluda citizens on how this line will affect them and the Saluda economy, environment, and property values.

Volunteers will be on hand with maps and computer stations to help Saluda citizens who do not have access to internet service to see where the proposed lines are in relation to the homeowner’s properties.  With the help of volunteers, you will be able to submit public comments to Duke Energy online.

Tables with letter writing supplies, sample letters, and important official’s contact information will be available, and organizers will assist in letter writing and mailing of the letters. Packets will be distributed with factual information and comment forms for citizens to share with neighbors, family, and friends.  Informative people who have been studying this plan will be on hand to answer questions.

The community meeting will be Tuesday, August 25 at the Saluda Fire & Rescue, 199 Walnut Street (and Greenville St.), Saluda, NC 28773 from 6pm to 8:30pm, (828) 749-9816.