Duke Energy’s public timeline for the Western Carolina’s “Modernization” plan here, does not include any regulatory processes or opportunities for public input that will happen before the plant, transmission lines and substation can be built. These are separate from Duke Energy’s process of getting input from the public. Here’s our best understanding of those elements, based on N.C. and S.C. policies and timelines set out in the 2015 Mountain Energy Act, which directs the Utilities Commission to render an expedited decision for the construction of Duke’s new gas plant in Asheville.

Unfortunately we can’t know the exact timeline. The project components will go through three separate regulatory proceedings, with separate dockets with the North Carolina and South Carolina regulatory agencies, the order of those proceedings is unknown. Visit our Write and Call page for regulators’ contacts and docket information.

All community members in both states should stay tuned and be ready to make their voices heard during state public comment periods and hearings!

North Carolina Transmission Lines

Early October 2015: Duke Energy announces preferred route. This will be a public statement of intent, not an official filing with any utility regulatory agencies.

October-December 2015: Duke will perform environmental and community impact assessments on preferred route.

Early 2016: Officially file application for transmission lines with North Carolina Utilities Commission.

After filing:

  • Opens public comment period with NC Utilities Commission.
  • Utilities Commission public hearing.
  • Utilities Commission evidentiary hearing-Opportunity for legal intervenors.
  • NC Utilities Commission final decision.

South Carolina Transmission Lines and Substation

Parallel process to North Carolina transmission lines, timing to be determined.

Filing could be as early as October 2015.

Asheville Natural Gas Generation Plant

Fall 2015: Duke Energy will need to give 30 days notice before filing the certificate of need to the N.C. Utilities Commission

Late Fall 2015: Duke Energy files certificate of need for new gas plant

After filing:

  • 45-day minimum public comment period
  • N.C. Utilities Commission public hearing
  • Evidentiary hearing–Opportunity for legal intervenors
  • North Carolina Utilities Commission required to make a decision within 45 days of filing, according to Mountain Energy Act.