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THIS IS IT!! Your only chance to tell utility regulators what you think about Duke Energy’s plans and YOUR vision for our energy future!

Attend the Utilities Commission public hearing on January 26 and submit your comments NOW. public hearing on Duke Energy’s “Modernization” plans. 

Duke’s current plan to replace the Asheville coal plant with three natural gas units is a missed opportunity and will keep us reliant on fossil fuels for decades to come instead of investing in energy efficiency that could lower all our bills and clean energy solutions that would bolster the clean energy economy.

Carolina Land Coalition Carries On!

On December 19, 2015, Coalition leaders met and decided to continue working together to protect our land, air, water and communities by forwarding clean energy solutions. We recognize that we got a great success this year with the cancellation of new transmission lines, but as long as our communities’ demand for fossil-fuel generated energy continues to grow, so will the threats to the places we love.

We’ll stay vigilant and keep you updated on Duke Energy’s short term modernization plan and will play an active role in achieving affordable, realistic, attainable solutions to curb our demand for electricity through energy efficiency, demand management and renewable energy. Read more about where we’re headed and how you can help here.